• actions tend to define what a person believes in more than words. and hitler's actions were most definitly *not* Christlike.
  • Actions speak louder than words.
  • isn't religion about forgiveness? Not that I would ever forgive Hitler. But I'm not religious!
  • Catholics are not true Christians they are two entirely different religions.
  • Catholicism is a "Religion" & "Christianity" is a "Relationship" based Solely upon a Personal Belief in Christs' Salvation Work and Not on any "Organization/Religion" & their "Rules"!!! Now, "Christians" are not "Made Perfect" & will Sin, but as a "Royal Priest" in the "Family of God" a Christian can go DIRECTLY to God for "Forgiveness", not some "Dude in a Dress"!!! Hitler was NOT A CHRISTIAN but INDEED WAS A CATHOLIC & also dabbled in the "Occult" whatever that may tell us??? John
  • Well I gave you some points, sandwiches. I know this is a good question that most religious people don't want to acknowledge.
  • Great question! I find it ridiculous that folks want to make him out to be an atheist, and even if that were so, it's not like atheists were the ones that carried out his orders. Nope. The killers of the Jews were almost all Christians.
  • No, I think people are part of their religion, and you cannot conveniently deny it. Just the way that violent Islamic extremists are still considered Muslims. Honestly, no double standards.
  • Depends on the rules or tenets of that religion. Some religions say that as long as you repent it's fine to still call yourself whatever. And some claim, once saved, always saved, no matter what. Some exclude you whether you want to stay. So it's really up to each one to decide how they want it. You can't lump all Christians in one heap.
  • It depends. If the Christian in question is willing to concede Stalin wasn't really an atheist, I'll let him or her off the hook regarding Hitler.
  • A persons hands can be used to either help or harm. If they are used to harm they are still that persons hands, They cannot pretend that they are not. In this context Hitlers claim of Catholicism stands. The real question of whether belonging to the Catholic Church automatically means one is a Christian is another topic entirely... For who can measure the degree of sincerity that a person feels when claiming fealty with God.
  • I don't think anyone would try to argue with Adolph. Even if they did excommunicate him, he'd probably not acknowledge it. It shows how crazy he was. I think the Jehovah's Witnesses have to most success with with outing bad people.
  • I would say that it depends. If the bad actions represent a pattern of behavior by a significant portion of the followers of that religion and other members of that religion don't fairly universally condemn the bad behavior, then the bad people can be taken as representing said religion. However, if the bad behavior is not a pattern by a significant portion of the followers of the religion AND those out side of the group engaged in the bad behavior roundly condemn it, then the evil people should not be considered part of the larger group. Let's take Hitler for example. His actions were an abomination. He was mostly condemned by those Christians that were not under his control. So, he should not be seen as being a representative of Christianity. The Muslim terrorists, on the other hand, do represent a significant if small portion of the Islamic population. While some Muslims have condemned their actions, there are many that support them even if they don't directly engage in the actions themselves. In the Islamic world as a whole there is no where near the unity in condemning the terrorists as their was among Christians when it came to condemning Hitler. So, I would say that the Muslim extremists should be considered part of Islam with the recognition that they do not represent all of it.
  • This is a very excellent question. First of all, Hitler can sit there and yell he is a christian all he wants, he was not one and we all know it. I believe if an evil person such as Hitler says they are a christian, we all know better. Let them say what they want. Because in the end, only God can judge.
  • I agree. People forget that hating Jews was very common throughout Christianity back then - they blamed them for killing Jesus and quoted the "his blood be on our heads" thing. Hitler did not invent antisemitism. He poured more fuel on a fire that was already there. To his followers he wasn't just a Christian, but an exemplary one. Today things have changed. Ironically, it was mainly because of the holocaust - it shocked people into realising what this simmering antisemitism could flare up into.
  • This question goes much farther than just "bad people." There are Catholics in full communion with the Pope and the Catholic Church and there are "cafeteria Catholics" who pick and choose what they want to believe and practice. A couple of examples are "Catholics" who are pro-abortion and "Catholics" who refuse to accept the teachings of Vatican II. The term "Cafeteria Christians" refers to people who view Christianity like a cafeteria where one picks and chooses only those beliefs that appeal to them and reject a genuine interpretation of Christian doctrine and the teachings of Jesus. The term "Cafeteria Catholics" is similar. It is used to describe people who dissent from certain teachings of the Catholic Church while maintaining an outward identity as Catholics. In Los Angeles in 1987, Pope John Paul II said: "It is sometimes claimed that dissent from the magisterium is totally compatible with being a "good Catholic," and poses no obstacle to the reception of the Sacraments. This is a grave error that challenges the teaching of the Bishops in the United States and elsewhere." Heresy is the obstinate denial after Baptism of a truth which must be believed with divine and Catholic faith. "Cafeteria Catholics" in denial of certain truths are in danger of committing heresy. With love in Christ.
  • Many salesman will do everything in their power to sell you snakeoil. Despite the massive evidence to the contrary. A picture is worth a thousand words...
  • Good question. According to the Bible it is only God the Father (or Jesus, I cannot quite remember) who will judge people, so it will be Him who will look upon Hitler and make that call.

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