• There is no picture of a man on Mars.
  • This is the picture.
  • I think so..
  • It looks like one of the "apes" from the original "Planet of the Apes" movies.
  • It is..but don't expect the media and nasa to admit it. Just wait, they'll make up some dumb explanation and expect the public to believe their BS
  • It looks like it, but they said once they did the 3 dimensional imaging of it it was really thin and easier to tell it was a rock. That is what they are saying at least. You could see the picture on, the website for the radio show.
  • Take a look here: and here:
  • Personally, I think it's way too blurry to be certain.   While the figure in the picture does appear to be humanoid, it could really just be a trick of the camera. I've seen many things in my life that 'looked' like one thing and turned out to be something else. I don't believe Jesus manifested himself in a piece of granite or a grilled cheese, for example. I think it's all just seeing what you 'want' to see.
  • That is freaky as hell. FREAKY. But I don't believe it for a minute. I'm still gonna sleep with a baseball bat under my pillow just in case we get invaded, though. (apparently I'll just bat them to death. I really should look into getting myself an arsenal)
  • It is a really grainy picture and I still remember all the hullabaloo over the so-called face on Mars. It turned out to be the result of shadows and low resolution images ( So, I think I want to see a better image i this before I draw any conclusions.
  • Looks like one of the 2004/2005 pictures taken when "Spirit & Opportunity" were new robots newly landed on Mars ... it is a rock formation, but does look nice.
  • no thats not a man on mars. he has no space sute on and no man has been on mars yet. that only happens in movies. they are just now talking about sending a man mission to mars but it would take 7 months to get there and they would spend 2 yrs there and 7 months back. the only problem with that is that when the people have stayed in the space station for a while have gotten kidney stones. their bones get weaker from haveing no gravity and no being able to stand up like here on earth.
  • No, experts have said that, as with the famous "face", it is a trick of light against a rock formation. However, we were having a bit of fun with it earlier on

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