• I wish I could help you, but I fear I can not - nor can anyone else in the world. The only person who can help you right now is you. You can not control the fact that he left you, but you can control how to "deal with" the feelings that this has brought about. It is "normal" for a period of 'depression' after a break-up. In fact break-ups are seen as a large stressor area where heart patients are "warned" that this added stress increases their risk of heart attack. other stress related diseases are also affected by a mere "break-up" I say this to underscore how "bad" of a thing a break-up can be for a person. I do not know you so I do not know what you can do to "forget" him and start doing what you need to do for yourself. Any hobby you have might provide you with a distraction so you can start forgetting him for moments at a time as you work with your hobby or pursue your interest. If possible take time off school (college) or cut back on credits. If you are in high school there is a school counselor who will be able to help you to start the healing process and may even be able to diagnose if you need more professional help (People get sad, its called depression, and it can start off as something simple as a break-up but can last for a long time). If you are in college/university, you have more options on top of that. Start off with the counselor and work from there. I will hurt for a while. time will reduce the pain and in time you will live long periods of your life with no thought of him, He will continue to be part of you and this may cause periods down the road for a few regrets, or fantasies or dreams where you do a "thought experiment" of "what if....". all of these sorts of things are normal - meaning you are not insane or crazy or broken beyond repair.

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