• Is that asshole still a thorn in your ass? You can use me as a reference if you want. Just look in my profile to get my email to let me know.:-)
  • Hi snake, if hubby has no reason in the past to be worried then he is well out of line. On that point, if it was me, I would have discussed it with my good lady first, but if not I would not have expected an outburst from her :o)
  • Sounds like he was out of line. But, did you anticipate his reaction? If you knew he would be upset by this, you could have (perhaps) "immunized" the situation by letting him know about it in advance.
  • That's a major issue, and yes it seems way out of line to me.
  • he got made because you were asking another man for help finding a job...that's weird.
  • Does your husband not WANT you to get a good job? I see nothing wrong in asking someone who can help you out for a reference.
  • I think hubby needs a reality check! You need references for a good job. Does he not realize you are trying to gain employment to keep your family well?
  • I think he was out of line... my bf is kinda like that also... I need to hire an intern and he told me I better not hire a guy! So strange! Anyway... some people are just jelouse.. just tell him he is overreacting and that you have to call and check before you use someone as a ref. what if the guy said no!?? Just tell your hubby he is being silly.
  • Oh honey im so sorry.. i know what he's like and its a shame he is treating you like this. I think maybe he wants to to stay home all day so you can be with him??? Yes he was out of line and i think he knows it but he will do anything he can to keep you, and obviously he doesnt realise he's driving you away. He should forget what happened with the others in the past as you are different from them, but he's having a hard time convincing himself of that i reckon.. email me if you want to honey (((hugs)))
  • Wow! What a jealous guy! Some of the time, if he acuses you, he's the guilty party. I really hope you don't feel guilty for that crap.
  • no one has the right to enslave n e one yes he was wrong and should grow up and be a man then he would learn how to be a husband

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