• First of all, in future make sure to regularly BACK UP your data, to have a fallback plan in case of a hardware problem like this. The problem may not be with the drive itself but with the power supply; I had a power supply on an external hard drive fail but the drive itself was fine, and it was doing stuff similar to what you describe when plugged in. If possible try to obtain a compatible replacement power supply and swap it out to see whether the drive comes to life.
  • If it just "died" then ... probably it's broken. Open your computer, and see if all wires are connected, if they are and your HD won't work, then concrats, you've just lost all your work and you need that HD replaced. You have 100GB of just "work"? Well I have only 8Gb of stuff, and it's worth 10s of thousands of dollars, and I always back up my data. Atleast once a week. Cause never know, when either Microsoft Windows or your PC might screw you.
  • maybe you should take it to a computer place and have them fix it

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