• No more Chicken Fajitas from McDonald's. Dannon Frozen Yogurt Pops (Danny) Nature Valley Orange Yogurt Granola Bars
  • little ceasers pizza and crystal clear pepsi
  • Pepsi Blue was great, but they stopped making it. Candy Sticks were awesome sticks of something! (I do find them on very rare occasion sometimes)
  • Taco Bell Taco Burger Diet Coke Plus I cant find this anymore :(
  • Jack-in-the Box Resturants burritos, circa 1970ish It's just as well they are gone...those deep fried bad boys would be a heart stopping no-no but I LOVED them.
  • Warheads candy... They dont sell it around MN anymore.
  • Burger King tacos. I loved their tacos. I went there the other day for one and they told me they no longer make them. Urgh, that was a disappointment since Jack in The Box doesn't even compare to Burger Kings tacos.
  • Southwestern chicken salad from McDonalds
  • Until 2004, Campbell's Soup sold canned pasta under the Franco-American brand (best known for Spaghetti-Os). One such canned pasta product was called Roller Coasters (basically rotini in tomato sauce). I *loved* that stuff when I was young. I haven't seen Roller Coasters since the early 1990s.
  • There are a lot of products that I loved that are no longer made. Good 'n Fruities Tangerine Life Savers Chocolite bars Milkshake candy bar Tart n Tiny candies Mars Bars (and PLEASE don't compare those snickers almond bars-they are NOT the same :( Taco Bell Chalupas McDonald's Western Omelette Bagel McDonald's Cherry pies (dang! I LOVED those) Wendy's Apple Dumpling (that was SO good) Quisp cereal (I'm showing my age!) The original Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries
  • Screaming Yellow Zonkers. If they are still available I wish someone would tell me where I can buy some!
  • CRYSTAL PEPSI!!!!! (Mmmmm...yummy)
  • flaky flix cookies (by mothers)
  • McDonald's Shamrock Shake!
  • The choc bar called Wispa....bought them all the time, i was gutted when they stopped making them, but i hear the demand is high and they are making a comeback wehey! :D
  • My dad and I used to eat Whoppers at BK back when they were 99¢. Also, the 29¢ hamburgers and 39¢ cheeseburgers on Tuesdays and Thursdays at McDonald's. We used to buy a bag of those for dinner!
    • notyouraveragedummy
      And when McDonald's fries were actually made from potatoes (two ingredients total, potatoes and oil, salt was optional).
  • I used to love going to Rax. It was a fast food type that is slightly reminiscent of Arby's. They served roast beef sandwiches, and I loved it! But now, sadly, they are gone.
  • Rooti Root Beer by Canada Dry. McDonald's Spanish Omelette Bagel (Not available in my state) Wesson's hamburgers. Chicken Delight.
  • I remember chicken littles! For me it was a drink called "Bibi cafe" a carbonated espresso that I loved!
  • Whole Soy Co. organic soy smoothies and Long Life organic mint green tea. They were both sooo refreshing.
  • Cherokee Red Pop
  • diamond tuna fish idk if they completly discontinued it or just stopped selling it where i shop though i havent had tuna since :(
  • There are quite a few: Snyder's Steak-flavored potato chips (the closest thing to Walker's on this side of the Atlantic), the ORIGINAL Chunky bar (the ones these days just aren't the same), Big Drums (some kind of mutant chicken drumsticks the size of turkey legs), and chili flavor ramen noodles.
  • Yes! Vlassic hot garden pickle mix.
  • I used to buy mock lobster in Chicago. I forgot what kind of fish it was but it was very good. I haven't found it in Tennessee.
  • Used to get homemade popcorn balls during Halloween, but thanks to the sad safety factors concerning sharp objects and/or poisoning, they're merely a memory of a safer time.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Yes, there was a woman in our neighborhood that made homemade popcorn balls for Halloween. She would drop them warm, wrapped in wax paper into our bags. Love you Mrs. Richardson!
  • Twinkies! I know they are available in the US, but not where im from, they took "my prescious" away from me!
  • Real apple cider that would turn hard.
  • Chum gum and the real lipstick candy.
  • real food that didnt cost a million pesos just because its labeled ORGANIC. ever noticed how the genetically altered tomatoes are extra hard but dont smell like tomatoes. look at how thick the skin is on those so called lemons, its crazy. whatermelons are supposed to be red inside, not light pink!
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Tomatoes, lemons, and many other types of produce are deliberately genetically altered to avoid damage from shipping. There are many other alterations to basic foods that are made strictly for the producers' benefit that does not improve the produce. Our great-grandparents would not recognize a lot of our foods in a blind taste test.
  • Chick-O-Sticks. mmm peanut buttery coconut crunchy sticks YUM!
  • The great tasting delicious cheesecake my sister-in-law made she has not made it like in 10 years, as far as I know
  • Hot Lemon Crunch & Hot Banana Crunch They were sweet custard like puddings that had a crunchy topping. It came in a packet and was really easy to make.
  • blueberry toast'ems
  • lets see... Quaker oat bran (corn squares?), Wotsits multipacks, WONKA popping chocolate bars, and the nerd chocolate bars too! ...
  • KFC Steak Fries
  • SKY BAR. Oh, you can still get them online but a 1.5 oz. bar will cost between 2.00=4.00+ dollars each.

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