• Yes, A DUI is not considered serious enough to stop entry into a country.
  • i will have to disagree with killy24. my friend from california tried to come to canada with a dui charge and was refused at the border
  • In Canada a DUI is considered a felony. They are just being hard with us cause we are harder on something they don't consider a felony, but is one here(I think its something drug related like marijauna). Now the other countries you should be fine to go to. As long as its only a first or second offense. In the USA, I think its pretty standard that it is a felony at your third offense. With that being said, you really do not deserve to have your license or be able to go anywhere anyway with a third dui, cause it shows a serious lack of regard for others lives. Anyone can make that mistake the first time they get behind the wheel drunk, so never judge someone for that. But if you have 3...4..5..6 or more DUIs your no better then a murderer.
  • Yes, countries there will not deny you entry.
  • Sure, if you have a valid D/L - there's a limit of its validity, you might get an intl D/L from AAA

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