• I found out she was texting with my Husband (now ex husband) in a sexual manner. I haven't spoken to her since.
  • he shot himself. I dont know whos fault it is, probably his...
  • i had a good friend and he liked me and i didn't like him. I dated someone he knew and that messed him up pretty bad. We no longer was my fault but i'd do it again, I'm so happy and in love with my partner.
  • From high school... he fell one day in gym class and couldn't move his legs... He died about a year later from Brain Cancer. I blame G-d.
  • I had a good friend who was also my neighbor. When she moved I moved with her. We spent ever day together. I praticly lived at her house and even had my own bed. I saw more has a sister than a friend. But when I we got to high school we kind just grew apart. She went gothic and I became a jock. We don't even talk to each other anymore. Some time's I wonder if she thought as much of our relationship as I did. - Katie
  • I had a bestfriend. Four of them matter of fact. We was called the FAB 5 when we were together. We have been friends ever since the eighth grade all the way up to our senior year. We had so much in common: cheerleading, jr. coaching and cheering for the high school. They stil are all bestfriends but I'm just out of the picture now. It all started with my first friend, she was my first bestfriend we had told each other everything. We told each other more stuff then we did to the other three. But when junior year came along everything had changed. She wasn't talkin to me and I'm that kind of person that if you do me wrong I will hold a grudge and do the same thing you did to me but 10x's harder. And so when she felt that I was not talking to her then she got mad at me. So I had talk to her but it just never had worked out. Now the other two are twins. So you can already know what happened in this situation. Well one of them had made captain for our high school cheerleading squad. But everyone had thought that I was going to take that position. Sometimes I come to school not really want to talk to nobody. So when she got that vibe from me she thought I was mad at her because she was captain on the cheerleading squad. But the truth is that I really did not know that she was captain. So she assumed I was mad at her and she stop talking to me also. So again I did the same thing she did to me and now she want to be my friend. (Whose fault was it?) P.s. i'll get to the other two later!!!just tell what you think for now.
  • to be honest... i dont know i cried day on out just wondering what to do... i try to stay loyal always be there for her yet, she takes me for granted... if i just hang out at someones house i feel guilty cuz the next day she will be mad but i cant get mad at her if she goes over to another person's house! i just get so confused... life is confusing... we used to be so close yet we broke apart i thought we told each other everything but apparently she "forgot" she tells this other girl who isnt even her bff everything even when im sitting at the lunch table right there.... it breaks my heart... so i just wanna go home and cry... i read some things and it says to ignore it but i cant! i love her no homo but like she tells me she would always pick me over her yet actions speak wayyy louder than words she usually resents me and talks to the other girl about boys and stuff dont get me wrong i love boys but there is more to life than boys.... i get confused and i feel like im her safe harbor.. when no one is around and she has no friends to be with her she will just come to me... why? im the only one left im the loyal one yet, she never never,,, never gets it... im here for her but is she really here for me? Life is so confusing... all i have to say is pray... change happens for a reason... not to hurt us but to build us up and much more.. i hate change with a passion but i hope things stay the same as best friends.... gosh i hate girl drama it really sux....
  • I got addicted to a computer game my fault he moved away a few days later been three years and I never had a good friend such as him and prob never will I feel bad about it
  • He started drinking, doing drugs, and getting arrested on a regular basis.
  • I pushed him off a cliff. That answers both your questions.
  • we were very gud frndz....i kinda liked her...we used to share sum prsnl after sumtime she felt uncomfortable n insecure...we sorted out tht thing..i said sorry to our bond started breaking..then we toked less...after few weeks she cum to noe tht i like her..she started ignoring me..i didnt want our frndship to struggle..i said jst forget evrythin n lets start with a new i didnt happen..our frndhsip came to an end...then sumthing wrong facebook i played a quiz n tht wa ur next love n her name came up got published..n my computer at tht time gt corrupted...we had a fight...bcoz of tht.. now we dont tok to each other i said sorry bt it doesnt bother to tht time i lost my best frn we dont even look at each other....plzzz give me any solution of his prob if any one can..thankss in advance.....
  • She passed away about 5 1/2 years ago.
  • i havent lost any yet

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