• I don't know..but how could you miss a court date? You sound like you are trying to get more punishment.
  • no iam not. i did not know about it. the fines were paid and it says closed..
  • I think you can expect to be taken into custody on the spot.
  • Take a tooth brush with you.. Depending on the Judge you may need one.
  • It may depend on where you live or what you were supposed to be in court for. The same thing happened to my son. When he went down to speak with the warrant officer..he was placed under arrest. The warrant had to be served. He was fingerprinted and photographed but no hand cuffs, no jail cell and no bail. Afterwards he just walked over to the courtroom and went before the judge. it was for a misdemeanor and he did not go to court the first time due to a misunderstanding.
  • but if it was serious. the officers would of came and got me before now.. do i do not know what will happen. iam so scared
  • i have called the police station. and i have explained to them that i want my dad to go to the courthouse with me on friday. and they said that is fine. just show up on friday. so i do not think that the courts are really concerned. what do you guys think?
  • You will be taking into custody and your friendly neighborhood jailer will make sure you make the hearing once it is rescheduled.
  • immediately arrested will you be...

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