• ive been a pizza delivery girl, and i would just walk away and think bad things about the person!
  • I would be lucky I found the house in time and be happy just to get rid of it.
  • I wasn't a pizza delivery girl but I did deliver food for a restaurant. Being a girl I often got pretty good tips but once in a while nothing... Not much you can do about it. Some people just don't realize and think about it. I remember I had this huge order... It was for like 15 full meals. I have a mustang and I had all this food stacked in all the seats... I rushed to the house and delivered it all. Got nada for a tip. It seemed when they opened the door it was a big family reunion with lots of guys/girls my age too. But still no tip. The worst part about it was I got stuck at the end of their super long driveway in pile of snow! I couldn't believe it. I didn't see it and when I went to turn right I drove right into it and buried my right rear wheel in the stuff and that was it. I was totally stuck! I tried for like 20 minutes to get out and finally had to walk back to the house to ask if they could help me. I had no cell phone coverage out their either. Talk about embarrassing! Several of the guys came out with me and pushed me out... still no tip. None of them even asked me for a phone number either :(
  • there is nothing you can do, besides thinking those people are just no-class jerks.
  • There are some people who can just BARELY afford the pizza itself. Some have it delivered to save on the gas they'd have to spend to otherwise go get it! Sometimes. . . . .it's just economics! Don't be insulted! They may feel as badly as YOU do about not being able to tip! Just a thought, huh?!

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