• Probably, parental consent makes up for a lot. What state though?
  • hell to the no mom and boyfriend both got some charges coming to them
  • If the mother gives consent for this she is an unfit parent and should lose custody. No matter what the mother says it is still against the law.
  • If he wants to go to jail. Depends what State you are in maybe your Mother is abetting in statutory rape.
  • its in the state of ohio.
  • A mother who gives consent to a 28 year old man raping her daughter (it is rape) should get beat down from the dad, uncle, brother, neighbor, somebody step up! whoever is available!The mother should not have custody, just because you have a daughter does not mean you have what it takes to raise one The mother needs jail time and parenting classes The rapist should not get away with rape just because he has consent from a unfit mother. I don't blame the girl she cannot be blamed she sincerely does not know better that is why she has a mother she is supose to teach her daughter and PROTECT babygirl not let a grown man turn her out she should be having fun with 16 year olds from school or something
  • In England at 16 she can be who she wants to be with, she can leave home and live with him if she likes and there is nothing her parents can do about it. She can't marry him until she is 18, but she can choose to live her parents home to be with him.
  • There is a reason it is called statuatory RAPE. And it is illegal! A child cannot have a sexual relationship with and adult. And a 16 year old is still a child. But it's reprehensible that a MOTHER would think it is appropriate for her 16 year old CHILD to be with a 28 year old PERVERT. If that is really the case, that woman needs her tubes tied to prevent her from having any more kids and someone needs to remove any other children who might be at home. Obviously the woman has NO JUDGEMENT when it comes to her children's well-being. Sorry, but I'm totally disgusted at the thought of such a breeder. Because that is what she is. A breeder. No MOTHER would allow that.
  • Depends on your state's age of consent.
  • Wake up and make a whole pot of coffee for yourself if you think that 28 yr old is not sexing that 16 yr old child he must have prior victims or what you may consider girlfriends wonder what they think of him (freak)mom is being her daughter's friend not her parent I would call the police on them not behind their back either. I do not care who rates me down because I could never even try to justify BS I stand up for mine and all children all day everyday and what?
    • Dokie
      First of all, the age of consent in most US states and Canada is 16 with close in age exemption with close in age exemptions for younger folks. Second why is it you business. A 16 year old is a young adult, not a child. You can drive at 16, get married, move out, etc. Wake up!
  • I would agree that that age difference is substancial. I also know that 16 year olds vary greatly in matuirty and abilities to make good unbiassed decisions. I also think there may be a deeper lying motivation to both the 16 and the 28 years olds intentions/motivations. The 16 year old will undoubtly seek a serious relationship- its may be a mishap it is with the 28 year old. I think the 28 year old may be missing something from his youth that he is trying to find. In this sense the age difference may be emotionally lessened. I would think addressing the cause may be more effective than either attacking or addressing the result. Basically its like early childhood.Praising the negative behavior may only worsen the situation. It is unfortuniate that it got this far but now its time to deal effectivly w it. Just a thought.
  • Why SHOULD she?!?! Is there a shortage of 28-year-old WOMEN--or 16-year-old BOYS?????
  • I live in Ohio and my 16 year old daughter had sex with a 28 year old man. I went straight to the police department. The officer told me that there was nothing they could do being 16 she can engage in consensual sex even though this guy is nothing but a predator. He spends his day looking at the pictures he has taken of these young girls on his cellphone. Basically the man hooks up with only young teens and gets no punishment. My husband, her grandfather and her uncle would love to show the local police dept. what they think of this law. That just goes to show that our justice system won't even back up a good parent who is just trying to raise their kids right and you get some child molester who preys on them and even the parents have no right to see that they are punished. No mother should consent to such a thing. No man with any dignity would be with a child.
    • Dokie
      The age of consent is 16. She is not a child she is a young adult. Its her life at this point.
  • maybe not, but you never know

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