• i would think that a time paradox would be like, two doctors who could work you in?
  • Yes. A time paradox is caused when a future event changes the past preventing the future event. It implies time travel of some sort.
  • Time paradoxes can involve co-existing dimensions occupying the same space or parallel dimensions existing side by side.
  • Paradoxically,no.
  • Littlebirrd Not asking the right question! Sound of one hand clapping across Lil' Birdie's beak Time is an illusion.
  • would twin brother physicians be a paradox?
  • I would have assumed so, as in the theory of quantam physics. parallel dimensions possibly occuring within the same time structure
  • Well, 'time paradox' usually refers to the problem of someone travelling backwards in time and causing something / stopping something from happening that eventually leads to them never actually going back in time to begin with, etc. So yes, a time paradox is when someone has gone back in time and stopped themselves from going back in time. (Unless you could be more specific, that is) ***** However, given our current understanding of time, travel through it is one-way. We can theoretically create a time-dilation effect, where someone will appear to be travelling forwards in time at an accelerated rate, but aside from that we're stuck with 1x speed in a forwards direction : P
  • When you think about it, a time paradox is just a hiccup of cause and effect. Some effect winds up before its own cause and sabatoges its' very future. The specifics of causes and effects really don't matter, unless they are being observed and relied upon by curious folk like you and me. I don't exactly know how to answer your question, but I will offer that time is nothing more than the progress of the universe itself. I don't think it has anything to do with whether we travel here or there, now or then. A time paradox is just our interpretation of a paradox in reality with issues of cause and effect that we cannot reconcile. Whether or not the universe can withstand such occurances is at present unknown.
  • I'm unaware of a time paradox ever 'actually' happening, so I'm unable to tell for certain what is, and isn't required. . If I go back in time tomorrow and kill my grandfather, what would happen to this message? .

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