• All the number mean something. A state trooper once explained it to me but I didn't write it down. You can tell their age, state born in and other things stricly from the number. Mayber someone on here has more detailed info.
  • I know they can tell the persons birth year.
  • way too much I am afraid
  • probably a lot
  • your age and where you were born
  • Not very much. It's broken into three sets of numbers. The first three is the "area number". Prior to 1972, it was issued according to the state that issued the social security number when you applied for it. It didn't necessarily indicate where you lived if you were out of state when you applied for it. Since 1972, all numbers are issued in Baltimore and the area number is based on where you live. The next two numbers are "control numbers". They break up the numbers into batches so they're more easily processed. The last 4 are "serial numbers" and have no personal association with the account holder's identity.
  • That depends on which database you put it in and your level of security. With proper authority you could actually see images of my insides, including a colonoscopy! Yes, indeed! The government has been so far up my ass they could almost do a throat culture!
  • The name "fishinfool" takes me back to a long time ago - the 1980s, to be exact. I had a friend (worked with his wife at the local 7-11) on the OBX who spent a lot of his time fishing - she fished too whenever she could. He was disabled for some reason and couldn't do much more than fish. His disability affected him mentally, I think. He wasn't dangerous in any way, but he had one depressing attitude. He had an old beat-up van that had "Fishing Fools" written on it. They were great friends and I loved them both - we went surf fishing a few times. I'm sure he's passed now, and her too, probably. It's been quite a few years, as I mentioned. This is the first time I've seen the term since then - just wanted to thank you for triggering such wonderful memories. The thumbs up I gave you was for the name, not the question - just so you know.

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