• It depends on the type of house or size of room< I would go for hardwood or carpets.
  • carpet is good and it wont be cold but if you ever want to take it up its too messy. hardwood will hold up much longer. not a laminate.
  • a well furnished living room with lots of couches and places to sit, or a big spacy room with carpet area to have with bean bags and blankets. i guess it depends on what you would do, who would be there or how often.
  • Hard wood or wood laminate with a nice Persian or Oriental rug. I just really like the look.
  • on a framed house hardwood is hard to beat-for looks and durablity can take two inch oak and maple and put in some beautiful patterns with the contrast of light and dark----just my thoughts-smile and enjoy the night
  • I like carpet in my living room because I prefer bare feet while I am at home. The carpet just feels much nicer beneath my feet. Also, the harder surfaces reflect a lot of sound, and I like my living space to be relatively quiet. Carpet absorbs noise, which is not only more relaxing, but it also makes conversation easier for me.
  • I love the look of hardwood floors,but for warmth and comfort carpet.
  • I prefer wood laminate. I have a two yr old so I prefer to stay on the safe side!
  • I'd prefer hardwood with an area rug (preferably oriental style.) I love the look of wood, but I think a rug makes the area more cozy. I don't care for wall-to-wall carpet, so this would be my choice.
  • A hardwood floor is the most beautiful.Laminate never looks real.Carpet is ok,but why not buy a nice rug?
  • We love hardwood, but currently have ceramic tile. The tile is incredibly easy to care for, and because we have two dogs, it is not a problem for spills and accidents! Even if something happens when we are not home, we can take care of it when we get back and there is no damage to the floor. I admit it can be cold, but a few area rugs really warm things up! I have actually seen some wood laminates that look pretty good, though the low end laminate is not as attractive.
  • Given the choice I would prefer hard wood. Caring for it is not a problem as long as you spend a bit of time every week making sure it is cleaned and varnish it once every 6 months or so.
  • If I could afford wood floors, I would have went with that. Instead, we purchased laminate- and I'm pleased. So many accidents that just wiped away was a time saver. Also, easier to keep clean and the kids haven't had breathing problems since the carpet was ripped out for most of the house. One bedroom is without carpet and my son stopped having mucus in his throat every morning. I'm not a carpet lover.
  • Hardwood for sure, I'm almost always barefoot in my house but carpet is just a nasty dirt and germ sponge.

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