• I believe that when fishing you either kill the fish asap if you intend to eat the fish or you throw it back into the water.
  • I don't know if it's only catfish or fish in general. It really depends on how ethical you want to be; both are legal, by the way. If you kill it instantly, it ends its suffering and misery. But others think that if you prolong it's life, it'll stay fresher for a longer time. Your choice.
  • I have always used a cage submerged in water to keep the fish alive, rather than put them on a stringer. The longer they stay alive, the better. There are several methods and tips for preserving fish. Here is a good, basic guide: How to Keep Fresh-Caught Fish from Spoiling Steps 1) Shop at your local sporting goods store for equipment to help keep the fish alive as long as possible after you catch them. The longer you can keep them alive, the better. A fish that's alive and swimming isn't going to start spoiling. Most sporting goods stores carry big buckets with built-in aerators. You can fill the bucket with water and have it ready. As soon as you catch a fish, put it in the bucket. The aerator keeps oxygen in the water and will keep your fresh-caught fish from spoiling. 2)Look in the sporting goods department for a basket to keep fish alive. These baskets are usually made of wire mesh, round in shape with an opening that you can close off. You can tie the basket from a rope at the basket's top. Hang the basket off the side of a dock or boat. Put each fish in the basket as it's caught and let it swim freely. Just make sure that you allow it to hang in water deep enough to submerge the basket and allow the fish to swim. 3) Buy an inexpensive cooler (foam is good) and a bag of ice. Take a large plastic container on your fishing trip and fill it with water. As you catch fish, put them in the container of water. Add a few ice cubes at a time from your foam cooler. The ice cubes will keep oxygen in the water and will keep the fish alive. Keep watching the water and adding ice cubes as necessary. 4) Transfer your fish quickly to a large cooler filled with ice as soon as they die or when you are done fishing for the day. Keeping them covered with ice will keep fresh-caught fish from spoiling.
  • yes kill it because it would suffer and will make it more routing then before
  • I guess because I've usually had my time to manage as I want, I'm more of a from scratch gal but I like a few shortcuts:-) . Glad you dinner turned out well. Did you wife like it too? Ours was very tasty, creamy, potatoes just right and creamy as well, clam huge and tender. Bowls worked out well. Since we've moved to NY I have to treat myself occasionally and I order bread from Boudin Bakery in SF and they make great sourdough. Now it's time for a cup of cocoa and to bed I go:-)
  • i think everyone does it different
  • Don't they have 9 lives?

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