• My son is everything that I live for. He is what makes life worthwhile.
  • I know where you're coming from, bud. I was married like 13 years and was 37 when my first and only kid, a girl, was born. Describe it? Not sure if you can. It's kind of like trying to explain what clouds in the sky look like to a blind man. Or sign what Beethoven's IX sounds like to a deaf man. Still, five years ago, was right where you are.
  • I had my first at 40 and I'm so glad I waited. Not sure if the younger me would of been mature enough for the responsibility. There will be some times that will require patience but then there will be times like these: After my 3 year old girl noticed the Xmas stockings hanging on the mantel, she questioned why we did'nt have more........ hanging in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom ETC. (there will be alot of those adorable times)
  • It's not something that is describable. It's just something that is. It is the most amazing feeling, though, knowing that you have this life that you are responsible for. Either you can take it full on or not. But taking it full on is such a great feeling. There is nothing like watching this creature that grew inside you for 40 weeks grow up to be an adult. I have a 12 yo(almost 13) and a 3 mo. It's amazing.
  • Parenthood is like having to watch your back 110% of the time... But only it's not your back your watching It's your off spring now. I was wide open before I had my daughter as soon as she was born I trusted no one. It was like it happened instantly. I was to protect her from everything and anything. It's love without having to say it, It's joy without a smile and it's sadness because you don't ever want them to feel pain.
  • It's an incredible experience. It gives you a chance to view the world from a child's perspective and makes you believe in innocence again. You will never love anyone more than your children and grandchildren.
  • Try to imagine the times in your life when you felt most loved, most afraid, most inspired, most concerned, most frustrated, most joy, most courage, most pride, most wonderment, most responsible, most needed, most in need, most trusted, most vulnerable, most strength... then multiply that by a million and you will be half way there!!!
  • You know your most favorite body part? (You know the one!) Well, now imagine how much you would hate to lose that particular body part and how much joy it gives you. Imagine that it began to smile at you and follow you around. It gives you more joy each day and finds new ways to do it! It is difficult to take care of now that it isn't attached to you anymore, but you do it willingly. It is just about the most natural thing you ever do. . Now multiply this by about 8.
  • I think a quote describes it, " it was the best of times, it was the worst of times"-Charles Dickens, A Tale Of Two Cities.
  • Having children is like everything you have dreamed of wrapped into a little blanket, then that bundle of joy starts to walk and talk and its the most amazing feeling to be able to experience. I have 3 girls and they are all different and special in their own way. Its really difficult to express how much I love them all. They are all teenagers now and I still remember the days when they were toddlers like they were yesterday. :)
  • It is a never ending uphill battle. But your child changes everything and you love more and more everyday. When my second child was born it was a lot harder to maintain life. To go to the store was a tru challenge. But, at the end of the night, and you finally have 2 minutes to yourself, before you do the laundry, dishes and paperwork--you look at the sleeping child(ren)and realize you wouldn't have it any other way and wonder why you didin't have one sooner. It's all good, it takes and gives...but it's priceless and you will never be the same again.. I waited until I was 29 to have my first child...and I am a woman
  • Parenthood is truly like having a part of your heart walking around outside your body. You feel your child's highs and lows as if they were your own. Nothing can make your heart swell with as much love (or hurt your feelings as deeply). Your love is so deep, you would gladly give your own life to protect your child. Sometimes you even cry from sheer joy or laughter. And yes, you get to relive all the wonderful joys of childhood. Only by sharing them with your children, you get to enjoy them through the eyes of both an adult and a child!
  • The most awesome life changing expierence you can ever have and in a good way! You do not know what love is untill you have expierenced the love you have for your child.
  • Yes. AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Or pretty close to it.
  • Being a parent is a magical experience, the joy of loving, teaching and playing with a little person that you created is wonderful. It's really seriou; it's a little person depending on you for everything, for protection, food, shelter, and love. It makes you realize how important you are to them, and they really are a reflection of you.
  • thats a good question, ive wondered about that myself since ive never had kids

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