• i think you did the right thing in telling her friends!! i think your girlfriend will believe you broke the trust.. but if you make her see that you only did it for her safety, and the more people that know the more chance she has of a recovery...she will be happy that you care so much about her... by recovery i am referring to depression... i am pressuming she has this illness, as if someone is self harming, then they do need to talk to a G.P and get a referral to see a phsycologist.. that is the net step if she is not already seeing someone.. i have dealt with depression all through my life, and i have only just accepted help from a shrink...
  • You might have, but I think you should tell her...
  • perhaps you should tell her Mum and/or Dad - they are the ones who are best placed to help her - you can do it in confidence - they do need to know.
  • Yes you broke her trust and yes you should tell her. Chances are she will find out anyway and it will be better coming from you.
  • You made a mistake. It is none of your best friends business that your girlfriend self harms. If you're going to go to a counselor/psychologist/etc, that's different. I think it's best that you confront her first. It will hurt for her, but at least she will get it from you instead of through the grapevine. Make sure she understands why you did what you did and that you want the best for her. If she gets mad at you, do not be surprised. Another thing: NEVER MAKE THIS MISTAKE AGAIN. If you self harmed, would you want her telling her best friends? Think about it that way.
  • its one thing telling HER best friends, but why yours? u arent the one going through it. she is. from expreience nothing stays quiet they dont know her well i assume so wont find it hard to tell others etc etc. think about it if roles were reversed next time

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