• Unfortunately, they have every right to file charges. And if she forged your name, used your identity and essentially stole from you, then you should do the right thing too. I understand she's your girlfriend and your trying to protect her from a police record. However, in the theft, identity fraud and forgery she committed three felony crimes. When we make poor decisions, we risk the consequences. If she's never been in trouble before, it would be highly unlikely she would go to jail. She would, however be prosecuted, put on probation and have a permanent police record. The ony way to avoid this is to convince the credit card company not to file charges. However, in trying to do this you not only absolve her of serious crimes but you may implicate yourself as someone who may have allowed the fraud to occur in order not to have to pay bills. Good luck.
  • First of all KS, you should have thought of the end result it may have causeed to BS. Messing up his credit, his future, and the severe impack it placed on others. To get away with just slap on the hand and a police record is not justice, is it? You had no remorse when you spent the 1,000 of dollars, so come up to the plate and pay the piper!

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