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  • Men do touch themselves in their sleep and they can masturbate to ejaculation. Women as well. Maybe he feels free to let loose and is able to act on things that excite him in his mind's sleep. Why don't you try taking over for him when you see that he is doing this.. put your hands on him and wake him gently. Ask him what it is he is dreaming about and tell him you want in. Sometimes people have a problem opening up to their fantasies or just need rejuvenated in the bedroom. Spice it up and take the intiative. Good luck
  • I will rub one out when i just want to get off quickly. It does not matter if the girl's next to me or in another state. If he won't get it up for you then you guys have issues that you need to talk about. Have you thought about masturbating with him in the bed?

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