• No, they are not the same. While both allow a programmer the ability to create dynamic content in a web page, how they work are completely different. ASP is an interpreted language, which means that every time an ASP file is read, it is interpreted by the server into a language that the computer can understand. Basically, it is HTML with VBScript mashed up in the middle of it. ASP.Net on the other hand is a compiled language. There is an aspx file which contains most of the information required to render a page, and then there is actual compiled code that it uses to dynamically fill in information where needed. This gives a programmer the opportunity to use any language that can be compiled into a format understood by ASP.Net to be used, instead of just visual basic. For a more indepth listing, along with examples, check out:
  • ASP allows you to use only basic scripting languages, whereas ASP.NET lets you do more with any language that is included in .NET framework. C# or VB.NET.
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