• Ok, good on ya for wanting to make some money on your own. There are many business's any person of any age can start, with no money to a little money. The cheapest and easiest, I suppose is to put a sign out side your house advising passing motorists that you will wash their cars for a set price. You could advise your neibourhood, that you will walk their dogs for a fee. You could cut neighbours lawns with their mower. Ask family members to donate items they no longer need and sell them on Ebay. Clean out neighbours sheds and garages and as well as being paid for it, ask them if any of their junk which is still any good, if you can have it. Clean it up and sell it on Ebay or at a flea market. Drop leaflets into letter boxes of elderly citizens, offering to do erands, clean their windows etc. I can think of so many more ways to start off a small business that any young teenager can do. Let your mind start to imagine and roam and see what other idea's you can come up with. Hope this helps you?
  • If your good at programing you could set up a site offering to build web pages for people. Keeping fish is one of my hobbies, and Im currently trying to breed guppies and sell the offspring once they grow up - my guppies are currently in the process of multiplying. Il have to see how it goes (but I have been told that it is really hard to make money this way.) Whatever hobbies you might have, think of creative ways to make money with them. If all the above fails, buy a lotter ticket.
  • It depends on the money. You could also try to be a "support teacher" (I don't know if that's the correct word in english). Or you could for example try to buy an old vending machine and trie to put it in a common place, the problem is that you might need to do some legal processes.
    • mushroom
      Vending machine is going to need approval of the store owner/landlord, plus any city ordinances. Generally not allowed on residential property. There's also the problem of vandalism.
    • jenniferSL
      I'm glad you're thinking ahead and starting to plan out your future. If you have skills in photo/video editing, you can try freelancing. Full-time or part-time is available. That way, you can earn while you continue your studies. Learn different skills and see where you can apply them online.
  • It is amazing to learn that you have a business mindset with your age. I suggest that you start with passive income which means that you gain profit from that business while you are busy with other matters, including education. Here are some lists of passive income you can try: 1. Informative or perky videos - There are thousands of human beings which include children and teenagers who are earning from videos they are creating. Think of videos that are possible for you to do that you think can gain viewers. After that, upload them to YouTube or Tiktok. 2. Stocks - I believe you have heard of Warren Buffet, an investor. If you have background in stock market and $300, you may try it too. 3. E-books - Write informatory content and sell it as an e-book. Internet can help you with ideas; you may search online as there are countless available ideas. 4. Online selling - Find your niche and target market, and start selling. You can do this during your break time. It is even possible to sell your products to your classmates and schoolmates. Best of luck!
  • Is there anything you are good at? I would start with that. If you don't have any specific skills, you can talk to your neighbours and see what sorts of services they wouldn't mind contracting out to someone like you. I used to pull weeds for my neighbours in the summer. I had tried offering snow shoveling in the winter, but most of them had snow blowers, so it was a bust. You'll want to charge a fee that balances between making the most for your time and effort and making the most of your neighbours' dollars. Pulling weeds was good for them, because it was a job most older people don't want to do and there is no machine or appliance that does it automatically. Times are very different now - maybe today's older people have more concerns with their computers than they do with their lawns these days. So, maybe you can charge them a few bucks to tune up their computers. A lot of them probably only use a computer to check emails and play solitaire anyway.
  • I doubt a teenager can start any business. But you can upgrade your skills and save up money for starting it in the future. You can get a part time job or start freelancing. Trading is pretty popular nowadays. maybe it will be useful.
  • Comeon, kid. if you are too lazy to even do such a basic Google search. Then you could have the best opportunity in the world, and still fail.
  • The easiest job you can think of - Google posts!
  • I think for a teenager, the online business will be the best option to start the business. Online Industry has an huge opportunities to make money being at home. There is no limit of making money through online business. Hence, I suggest to start online business or at least an online website or blog selling digital products online. This will help you. To learn more please check LoveUMarketing Blog.
  • dog walking, landscaping, baby sitting
  • If you have access to appropriate tools and machines and live in a neighborhood of close-built houses...yard care. It can be pretty lucrative, and not only involves mowing and edging, but also yard maintenance (maintaining a green and full turf), leaf collection in Fall, snow removal in Winter, etc. If you get really into it you can do landscaping and/or flower bed maintenance.
  • landscaping or baby sitting
  • auto detailing

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