• Has she made any charges on it? If not, close the account and freeze your credit report so it's much harder to open an account in your name. I could not be with someone who committed identity theft. If she's willing to rack up $ in your name, who knows what else she could do to you?
  • Unfortunately, you'll either have to work out a private payment plan with her or take legal action. If you don't want to file a police report, you can sue her for the money, which she probably doesn't have. I know she's your girlfriend, but fraud, theft and identity theft are felony crimes and very serious. If she did this to you, what's to say she won't (or hasn't) do it to someone else? Good luck.
  • if they have no copy of your signature on the account they cannot make you liable for the account. Just dont ever use your car to this account or your busted
  • If it's in your name you can close the account.
  • Close the card and take her to small claims court to get back the money.
  • You're in a tough spot. Straight from Identity Theft Center: You basically have three choices: 1) Proceed as if this was a regular case of id theft. Make a police report (this is not the same as pressing charges against the person)Cooperate with law enforcement’s investigation 2) Working with the creditors to see if a resolution can be made without police involvement 3) Paying the debt and living with the consequences The Reality of the Situation The law: If you do not report this case, there will be no police report, and no investigation. If you want the protection of the law as a victim of identity theft (and all the benefits you gain as a recognized identity theft victim), you must make a report. To get the protection of federal and state laws you must have a police report. You are not an accomplice or co-conspirator unless you knew about the fraud for a while and did nothing to stop it, or if you participated in the fraud yourself. If you refuse to make a report, you may appear suspect when you try to clear the fraud activity (civil or criminal). Credit card companies and financial institutions: The credit card companies and financial institutions want their money back. That is a reasonable expectation. It is your task to convince them that another person has taken over your accounts and/or opened new accounts in your name – all without your permission or knowledge. You will have to prove that you have not benefited financially from these accounts. Unfortunately, without a police report, your job will be much tougher. Credit card companies do not take victims seriously without a police report.
  • I'm not sure what to do with the credit card company but I'd lose the gf. Hope everything works out
  • you are still not liable for this card as you have not actually taken out the card so in the end you will always have the option to cry foul play
  • doesn't sound like this girl deserves anything but what her own actions dictate. tell em what happened, let your hopefully ex-gf figure the rest out. your credit card company won't do anything but hold you responsible unless you;re willing to claim fraud.
  • the same thing happened to me, but guess what, the cops did not press charges because they said it was "friendly" theft and it would end up a bunch of finger pointing on who opened up and used the card, so they just told me it is a civil matter and to see an attorney. so I got my police report and have been fighting with the creditors. some have removed the stuff, others haven't yet. I will keep asking them for my signature (which there isn't any)
  • here is my situation my. my wife have gotten (2) credit cards in my name and maxed them both out. not my girl friend. what is my legal course ofr action.
  • Get rid of her. If she does that kind of crap, there's more to come.

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