• I have some friends who used to do that to me. I didn't respond at all, and I think they've already gotten my message: I don't like forwarded messages.
  • I only get them on occasion; my friends know pretty well what i will find interesting so I don't mind. I can see how it could become annoying though.
  • I delete it, don't even read forwarded mail.
  • I delete most of it, it depends on who it's from...I don't believe in chain mail though. I tell them not even to bother sending it.
  • yeah I have friends who do this and I don't mind at all....I read what I want to and delete the rest of it but I don't do chain letters
  • It's usually useless and a waste of good bandwidth! A few jokes are funny, but I'd prefer my friends send me things directly, not forward something that's been around the world and back 40 times, with six pages of addresses before getting to the actual subject. I ask people not to forward me that stuff. If they forward me one of those hoax emails I "reply to everyone" with a link to the debunking page at
  • I do. I delete the majority of it but some of it is worth reading.
  • they help to pass tine when your job is boring you to death and help to distract you from watching the clock.
  • It gets annoying , I have a friend that lives here that covers my e-mail and then all the junk mail , I can't hardly find my friends e-mail - I have so much to weed through
  • I get good emails from some friends...a lot of it I just delete.
  • worse than spam i changed my email and didnt tell the ones who do that
  • I have a special folder set up that all the fwd goes directly into, and is automatically trashed. I never even look at it. Any one who knows me, knows this. I believe a lot of fwd messages are an effort to purposely jam up the worldwide web by criminals, disguised as "send this to all your friends". For more on why I hate that type of spam, see spambusters at this link:
  • I just delete it. No big deal
  • Yes, but I am too much of a softy to ask them to stop. I read some but delete most. They are usually pretty repetitious, anyway. They do send some really good ones sometimes.
  • Personal emails are fine but I mostly do not bother with forwarded mail and I can not be bothered with chain mails they are just stupid.
  • I hate chain letters.. or the typical.. "Scroll down and don't forget to make a wish" crap.. I think it's silly.. I have no time for nonsense.
  • I recently joined Facebook to keep in touch with my family but I'm finding that they've starting to spam me - they're all sending me the same message and it's getting weird! There is one chain letter that I do find funny, from "Billy Connolly" (whether it is or not I don't know..) but it's written in his style and just says he doesn't give a f*ck if you send it on or not cos nothing's gonna happen to you etc! Made me laugh anyway!
  • Some jokes I really enjoy unfortunately some of my friends send me everything they receive and I remind them once in awhile to only send the best and please no religious stuff.
  • i got no friends that forwarded me messages.. hahahaha.. lucky me!

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