• Kiddo, puberty comes when it comes. And don't be so impatient! It isn't exactly a hell of a lot of fun. You know, I recently had my 10 year high school reunion. Some of the kids that were still "underdeveloped" when we graduated look better now that a lot of the kids that "bloomed" early: and I'm talking guys and girls. It'll come, it'll come. You just have to be patient. Believe it or not, life DOESN'T end just because you've hit 18. In fact, it gets better. Never underestimate the thrill that is your 20's!
  • Nope..but when it comes you won't be able to stop it.
  • No you can't speed it up and its not an easy transition.
  • Nope. Puberty cannot be sped up by anything at all. You have no control over when things happen and each person has their own time frame. Puberty is a natural cycle and unless you are having some sort of medical intervention such as medication to delay the onset, you have no control at all. Puberty is an unbelievably complex change, the changes you experience are only a tiny part of what is happening to the body internally. In order for the change from child to adult to occur, your system undergoes the hormonal equivalent of all hell breaking lose. Multiple changes takes place, the system is flood with sex hormones causing emotional and physical changes. It is the biggest change you will ever experience aside from when you were conceived which is why it takes so damn long and can prove so bloody difficult, it is also why you cannot control it.

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