• Grade 7 Up-George Guidall, the Michael Jordan of audiobook narrators, provides a marvelous rendition of Bernard Evslin's young adult classic retelling of The Odyssey (Scholastic, 1966, pap. 1989). Following a prologue summarizing the ten year Trojan War, the story opens with Ulysses' departure with his men and three ships, laden with Trojan spoils, for Greece. And thus begins the most famous and revered decade long adventure in Western literature, replete with jealous and vindictive gods and goddesses, epic heroes, and fantastic creatures. Whether Guidall is enacting the heroic Ulysses, the bellowing Cyclops, Polyphemous, or somnolent Lotus-eaters, the Obie Award-winning actor's narration is exemplary and diverse, and will capture and retain the focus of all listeners from middle school to adult. This audiobook is an unmitigated delight and an excellent contribution to the canon of recorded classic tales. From Homer's ODYSSEY to James Joyce's classic, the ancient Greek hero and his modern counterpart have been the subject of a lot of literature. But, let's face it, most readers today run from Ulysses, fearing his tale will be ponderous and boring. So it's a wonderful surprise when narrator George Guidall lays out this straightforward, action-packed retelling with the voice of authority. To say this sailor-king has it rough as he tries to make his way home, past amorous goddesses and angry giants, is a gross understatement.
  • Where can I find a summary of the adventures of ulysses by bernard evsling

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