• Awwww!!!!
  • I find it annoying. Just as annoying as those Happy Bunny stickers I see on women in Wal-Mart.
  • As a girl, I have to say the picture is cute, but I agree the caption IS dumb.
  • It's the kitty, not the message:) Personally, baby talk makes me want to - well, let's just say I never want to hear it and leave it at that, LOL.
  • I like the cats, they make me smile. I do think that the misspelled words are a waste of time and energy, it makes me feel more stupid to read stuff like that. I still can't help but smile at the kitties anyway (I love cats).
  • Not guilty.
  • dig this
  • awww, sorry you don't like the kitty pidgin language of the lolcats. But they do have their own website and even a wikipedia entry. :)
  • I sometimes see the kind of pictures that you are talking about on web sites. I think a lot of them are not intentionally spelled wrong. I (one who admits to being a poor speller) have noticed that a lot of younger people are very bad spellers(and poor penmanship). So maybe they think it's right or just don't care. I also have noticed that a lot of those pictures come from Asian countries, where they are guessing how to spell the English words they use. Either way it makes me cringe.
  • Kind of reminds me of monkeys with tire irons.
  • The misspellings are representative of a cat's lesser intelligence and his effort to try and communicate through the language of humans (er... hoomans lol) I find it hilarious...
  • lololz OMGZ 111!!!!!11 their so CUTE THO!11!! srsly! why don't u get them?! don't u know their cute?!!11?!
  • Cat = cute Words = almost cute.
  • I like the cats, I don't like the improper grammar.
  • LOLCats are okay... but I prefer LOLDogs. I make them with my own boys. The misspelling is to symbolize the animals' interpretation of Human language... whilst displaying what the animal was "thinking" when the picture was taken. It's a silly little joke, and I totally understand why lots of people think it's idiotic. There is one Cat one I like though... let's see who gets the literary reference.
  • They are called "lolcats" or "image macros". The cute animals may have first started with "...God kills a kitten" in 2002. It got more attention with "O RLY?" owl in August 2003. But they didn't really kick in until "I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?" cat around January 2007. Many of the "cat phrases" used are actually snowclones. I always assumed the cat phenomenon was an extension of catchphrases like "All your base are belong to us", that was a sensation in 2001 from the Iraqi war, and spawned hundreds of imitators. That started with a flash animation, and actually had "CATS" in it. It was such a success, now everyone with a computer wants to try and make the next stupidity-based catchphrase! It's also similar to the Bonsai Kitten craze in 2000, placing cats in unusual poses just to shock and mock the readers intelligence. There's a natural progression from 1996 ebonics "I hear tell you done went." to text-messaging shorthand, like "yru l00king 4me?" mixed with 2007 Borat ignorance-is-funny "I'm liking you. We have sexy time." After a while the extremes of poor language go over the top, and become creatively funny all by itself. Kind of like a clown doing foolish things, to be both stupid and cute. The cellphone texting generation definitely has it's own lingo, and someone who can't actually write very well might be self-conscious about it. We'd rather something be funny than embarrassing. Make it super cute, to giggle nervously and deflect criticism. Stupidity + Kittens = Helpless + Cute = Approval One in ten people in the US are functionally illiterate. How many people are nervous about that? Also, between invading foreign countries and denigrating them, Americans think about poor English skills more than ever before. I think every generation has it's Sambo, and now cats are it! p0r kittehs!
  • No idea...
  • Well, I love cats. The pictures are cute, so I really don't let the misspelled words bother me too much.
  • I love these guys' faces... You've gotta admit they're cute.
  • You just have to be a "cat person" to see how cute it is..If you're really not one, you might think it's silly...I think it's cute..but then again I LOVE CATS!!!

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