• I'm no vet. I know some dogs eyes "tear" a lot and can create brown marks under the eyes on the hair...but I don't think that green goop is normal. You should definitely at least call your vet and see if you should bring your pup in.
  • I have a shar-pei. I got her from someone who did not care for her, so I took her to the vet right away. She also had the same thing. As it turns out shar-pei's need usually three eye operations in their 1st year. Two to tack the eyes (keep the wrinkles from blocking their eye sight) and the last is to stitch their inner eyelid- also called the entrophen (I might not have spelled that properly) an it can cost about 500.00 However if you cannot afford it right away you can buy tear gel at any drug store for about 10.00. You put it in their eyes twice a day because it reduces the dry eye that causes the puss. According to the vet i go to, without the gel in my dogs eyes it is like having sand or something stuck in their eyes. One tube lasts me 2-3 weeks until I can afford the last operation. My dog was in real bad shape when i got her, it has cost me a bundle but she worth every penny. Hope the info helps.
  • My friend raised shar pei puppies a couple of times. These dogs often need extra veterinary care. The eye problem is not with every one, but still common. Go to a vet, they'll probably give you some antibiotics and schedule a surgery. Not to be mean, but these dogs became the bane of his existence. Not very intelligent and far too costly with vet needs. He did manage to sell several, each for over a thousand dollars. But I don't recommend anyone ever try to raise these things for sale.
  • Excess eye discharge is normal in Shar Peis. You will want to keep a close watch on it though. Because of their heavy wrinkling a lot of Shar Peis develop eye issues overtime and some require surgery to pin back their folds. Just keep a watch on it and take it to the vet if it smells funky or becomes swollen. You may need antibiotics to treat him. Source:

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