• Appearently, you do.
  • GEASS though, ends up with a major plot. SEED fits your bill a bit though....but its still got its differences.
  • This question is totally Stupid! Gundam seed is wicked fricken awsome you just have to follow the story and know whats going on to actually like it . Jeeze.
  • a big pile of robots? i disagree! im not quite sure what you are getting at here.... do you not like the shows?
  • Do NOT compare the anime(s) Gundam Seed has a completely different story, the concentrate on mainly the robotic era rather than the characters. Code Geass has a plot and story for each indevidual and creates an atmousphere that makes you feel like your involved. I'm not a fan of Gundam Seed, but Code Geass is the best thing yet this year!

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