• Do what you enjoy doing! That's what is best.
  • I love playing guitar. It's such an outlet for me. If i'm angry i can take out aggression by playing aggressive music... it also makes you 5% cooler :D
  • Extreme sports? Snake wrangling? Crocodile wrestling? Bull fighting? Any of these sound good? :P
  • im taking ballroom dance classes and am going to sign up for boxing soon... i also ride mountain bikes, play guitar, and run an indie film production company. all fun, but would not recommend them all at once unless you like being busy... (i also work and go to school)
  • I think robotics would be a good hobby to get into, start with radio control vehicles, add makeshift applications. Cameras on airplanes etc. There is a growing need for this science, space program, military applications, spy hardware etc. A possible entrepreneurial opportunity, who knows?
  • Learn how to play musical instruments. You might even earn a fortune someday by performing before an audience ;)
  • How about taking art leasons.
  • Learn the piano, if you don't know how to already. It is the king of all musical instruments. If not that, maybe some scrapbooking would be fun. :)
  • Do you knit or crochet? Those are fun, and productive hobbies. And, easily portable. You can make gifts for others and items for yourself. Neither of them require your full attention once you get used to the needlework, so you can do it while watching TV. Also good for passing time in the car. Also, as far as hobbies go, it can be relatively inexpensive. (Although, there are some beautiful and expensive yarns out there!)
  • Drawing, dancing or studying fish in the Amazon.
  • I would recommend: 1) Playing an instrument. You can learn a lot. I so would do this if my parents let me. 2) Photography. This is fun. You can take pictures while you go on hikes and walks in parks and things like that. Company is nice, too. It provides a way to talk about life and can be very meaningful. :) 3) Cooking. This is so fun, especially when you're cooking with close friends or family that you love. 4) Any sport or recreational activity that you like. Bird watching? Reading? Writing? Knitting? Sewing? Painting? Canoeing? Kayaking? Swimming? Hiking? Fishing? Walking? Biking? The list of (almost) endless possibilities goes on.
  • Hey . . . there's a DVD out there called Play Piano in a Flash. It's based on the precept that most people aren't trying to be concert pianists . . . just to play for enjoyment and maybe sing alongs occasionally. Thus, this DVD teaches you the quickest and easiest way by learning to play chords. You can get it on or any music store where you are. Hope that helps.

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