• The biggest raise (sort of) I ever received was $2.00 per hour. I had left the job and the owner of the business called me and offered it to me to return. I felt bad leaving the new job after two weeks, but it was worth it.
  • $40,000 USD per year.
  • I got a $2/hr raise a couple of months ago. I moved into a new position in a different department and finally proved my worth. My wife got a measly 3% (~$0.33/hr) for the same-old same-old. Quit bitching unless your base pay is over $20/hr... in which case you earn too much for sympathy anyways.
  • Percentage wise = 10%
  • I think the largest I ever got was 8%. Ask your supervisor what you need to do in order to be more valuable to your department/company. Perhaps s/he hasn't a lot of control. Maybe others got nothing. It's all pretty relative.
  • It depends on what your base is. 68 cents on top of $6.80 is ten per cent. a fair raise. On $13.60 it would be 5%. Not great but still in the fair range. But 68 cents on top of $27.20 an hour would be a hint that you shuld start looking for a new job. Read your Bible--all the answers are there.
  • I got a $3.50 / hr raise because I moved directly from clerk to Assistant Manager at a Blockbuster Video a few years back. Oddly, even though I'd only taken the job because I was desperate for money, that was one of the best jobs I'd ever had. The one I currently hold is the only job that's been better, I think.
  • $1,300/mo.
  • $2.00 an hour. The sad part is I have not had a raise in the six years since that.
  • I understand that you are probably worth more than the .68 cents an hour you got but please consider. 1) There are tons of people unemployed, losing their jobs or their unemployment checks have run out. They would be jealous that you have a job. 2) You could have gotten nothing at all. I always try to look on the bright side.
  • got nothing here..things are bad out there
  • Did you get a 68 cent raise, or a point 68 cent raise, because you typed it as a point 68 cent raise.
  • I think the largest raise I got so far was a 14% raise my first year at my job out of college.
  • In the 60's during rampart inflation I got a 3 pay grade raise which was 5% per pay grade = 15%. Got 23% over a 6 month period when I moved to another town and took a new position in 1964. 10% per year in the later 60's. That included the 15% mentioned above. Got an 8% for moving to another state and taking a more responsible position in 1974. Haven't had one bigger than 5% since. I'm now retired. I got a 100% decrease from the State when I did.
  • The one I just got. I went from making 11.50 an hour as a collector to 14.00 an hour in my new role of Admin to the collections Managers. I have a 60 day review on October 1st and if I do well I could end up with another couple of dollars an hour raise.
  • If my computation is right, the equivalent of one dollar... a day!
  • I once went from 33k to 50k, and another time from 85k to 99,800
  • I got a $5,000/yr raise last year. Came to about $2.40/hr
  • Fifty cents.
  • Best raise I got, was after beating my head against a wall for 18 months at a bastard jap company (Panasuckit) and they shot me up $2.75 an hour. Then they took back 75 cents an hour 9 months later..Then 3 years later they laid me off..Screw them all, they deserve no sympathy. To those making $20 an hour or more, I'd suggest you live BELOW your means, you'll see the world in a much better perspective. Effing cheap companies better watch out, the lower workers are starting to get angry..Riots are only months away!
  • $15,000 a year raise

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