• LOL it says it all... The diet Dr. Pepper does not really taste like regular Dr. Pepper.
  • It tastes more "chemically"? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi were designed to taste like original sodas, they were not developed to taste like there sugary conterparts. Diet Dr. Pepper was designed to taste like regular Dr. Pepper, which was a new concept in soda development. Following Diet Dr. Peppers success, Coke came out with Coke Zero, which is suposed to taste like sugary Coke with zero calories.
  • I've never seen that ad. I've seen ads claiming that Diet Dr Pepper tastes better than regular Dr Pepper (and it does - and that's true of just about all other soft drinks as well). Perhaps they mean that it tastes more like the old sugar-sweetened Dr, Pepper, when compared to the modern high fructose corn syrup sweetened Dr. Pepper. That high fructose corn syrup has a flavor that I find unappealing. I always like the taste of diet soft drinks better than the regular.
  • I gather that the sweeteners in Diet Dr Pepper have been made to taste more like the sugar in Dr Pepper.
  • More like "real" Dr. Pepper than what?

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