• this is one of those type of questions that almost is impossible to answer without alot of info. here is a suggestion, look and make sure all your wires seem connected and listen for vacumn leaks could be that simple but more often than not wishful thinking. do you have a shucks where you live, they will usually do a free engine scan and at least give you a direction to head. then at least you will have a little more to go on like a rich or lean condition, o2 sensor, etc most shops will do an active scan for a decent price.
  • As posted you need to go and find out which cylinder is misfiring. Ususally if the fuel is contaminated the back cylinders will be the ones that are more prone to misfire dues to the way the rails sit and any trash and water will sit there.
  • Doesn't necessarily mean a misfire. First you have to check the codes. Look in the manual, you may have to switch the key on-off three times or something similar, then count the flashing lights. Or, you could go to Autozone and they'll read the codes for free. I had an intermittent rough idle and stalling on another car, and it was due to the wipers hitting a sensor cable.
  • not sure, maybe you should take your car to a mechanic

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