• Can you tell me where the Bible says tithing is done away with, ie Book chapter and verse. Thank you.
  • Actually, it doesn't say that unambiguously. The reason that few Christians believe that tithing is a duty is that tithing was part of the Jewish ceremonial law. Laws that are not repeated in the New Testament are not considered binding by most denominations, except for Seventh-Day Adventists.
  • The reason why there are so many different understandings of the Bible is that people don't decide on what the rules of interpretation are before they start interpreting. For instance, people who oppose the death penalty because the Bible says "Thou shalt not kill" are ignoring two rules of interpretation, first that you don't pull a single sentence out of the Bible and ignore everything else it says on the subject. (The Bible is unquestionably pro death penalty for certain crimes.) Secondly, they forget that the Bible was written in foreign languages, and the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" when properly translated is "You must not murder." There is moral killing and immoral killing. Only immoral killing is prohibited.
  • to answer look closely i am a girl Christians from 33 C.E. are part of a new spiritual priesthood that was not supported by tithes- Ro 6:14;Heb 7:12; 1Pe 2:9 Christians today give from the heart not having to give grudgingly or by compulsion, because God loves the cheerful giver.. So there has been no Minimum percentage on Christians since 33 C.E.
  • My Bible clearly states it was not.. Tithing is to keep God's ministry going and most importantly to help the poor, sick, widows , the needy...Mind that there are so called ministers who live a very POSH life ....that should be done away with...they should be the same as Christ and the Apostles, humble and almost poor . Ministers should only take what is necessary .......the rest belongs to God and to do HIS works...
  • tithing in a strict manner (10%) as the Jews were told to do, is over. Mark 7:9,14..each man should give a portion of what God has helped him earn and if he needs for family or another good purpose, God sees this too.... Jesus certainly didn't admonish the widow that gave her last cent... 1Corinthians 16:1,2...we are supposed to help further spreading the GOOD NEWS, the widows, the poor, etc.. Paul worked, he was not supported by the people, but that is not saying that gospel workers do not need support, a man who dedicates his life to preaching does, especially if he has a family......1Corinthians 9:14-19 there is no verse that says we are not to tithe(help,give alms) just those that say we are supposed to help as we can....there is not necessarily a certain amount, it is between you and God... jw's don't tithe either, they give all to the watchtower...spreading the word but I believe that we are to help unfortunates, the same way the Levitical did in the OT...all tithes given to these priests were not just for the temples and themselves, they helped poor, widows,etc.. if there is a man who does wrong with alms given to their church...he will answer... my grandfather was real sick once, could not work, a couple I knew took their alms to him , every Sunday, until he was better..instead of the church...God recognized the good HE does when we do good... i hope this helps..
  • Nowhere in the Bible does it say to not tithe. Examples can be found all over the old and new testament. It may have started as a law just for the Jews, but even Jesus commanded to "Give unto God, what is God's". Due to the possibly inflammatory nature of comment threads under Q&A of this type, I will not be responding to any comments.
  • Tithing is certainly not done away with, people may argue that it is only in the Old testament but it is in the new also. Reference 1: 1 Corinthians 16 verse 1-2 "On that day of every week each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income.." Again, the apostle was speaking to the new age church so this applies to us. The apostle either did or didn't speak by the power of the Holy Spirit. Am I not right in saying that he did. So, the apostle must have been inspired by God to say this just as he said everything else under the anointing of God. The scripture here is clearly saying that we should set aside something before everything else as in today's modern age with much spending we should allow ourselves to give something each week according to the word of God. ---------------------------------------- The next several scriptures relate specifically to the 10% figure: Reference 2: Leviticus 27 verse 30+: “And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the tree, is the Lord’s: it is holy unto the LORD.” The Biblical first fruits are what tithes are, the 1st portions that we take out of our income & offer in gratitude to God. All commands that are written in the Bible both in Old and new testament must be obeyed by the Christians, so this includes all the Biblical in the Old as well as the New testament (and the Old testament commands are not just the "10 commandments" but on a variety of issues such as sexual immorality, marriage, respect for parents & elders etc). (Jesus also said “If you love me, you will do as I command”). Jesus himself also said the "Heaven & Earth shall pass away but my word shall not pass away”, therefore time cannot erase the letters written in the laws both in the Old and New Testament and just because we are no longer under the law/condemnation is no excuse not to obey it. THEREFORE this would certainly include the command of giving 10 percent. Reference 3: 1 Corinthians 16 verse 2-3: “…..Each one of you should set aside a sum of money in proportion with his income” The Apostle Paul made it crystal clear that the tithe to the church should be in proportion with each individual’s income because there were people then just like today each earning very different amounts. The 10% would not be proportional to give £5 a week whilst earning £400 a week. He clearly wanted each earner, to give the right proportional amount. It would not be proportional to the salary of the week/month by giving less than ten percent. Of course it would not be wrong to give more than 10% which again is why he iterated the word “proportion” rather than “amount” or “offering”. Reference 4: Malachi 3: verse 6: “I the Lord God do not change …. “Will a man Rob God, Yes you Rob Me; in tithes and offerings, you are under a curse…Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse. Test me in this and see that I pour out so much blessings…”. This scripture is crystal clear when using the two important words “whole tithe”. God does not waste his words nor does God say anything in the Bible just to fill up the pages. He is saying that by not giving the full tithe which is clearly 10 percent you are robbing him and again he cannot bless you unless you give the full amount. Note: Here God does not give any special treatment to anyone whether they are priests, Jews, Kings, or Gentiles so he certainly would not overlook the case with us gentiles/or Jews. ***** Jesus said that there will be false prophets in the last days as we are seeing today more disasters, that there will be people claiming things in his name. If a "Christian" organization contradicts a lot to the Bible then it is not of God. The Mormons have a "so called" book of "Mormon" - THAT was made up by them and not from God.
  • I don't tithe because I'm commanded to. I tithe because I want to, and I want to receive the blessings predicated on that principle.

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