• The only reason they don't have the right is because us men want to keep them boobs special to us. I mean, if we were to see boobs all day long (and everywhere) they wouldn't be as special to us which means they wouldn't be as sexy. That's the only reason.
  • Women can not go topless because society has sexualized the woman's breast. They are not viewed as what they are intended for...breast feeding infants.
  • I use to live in Miami.. and onthe Beach you would always see topless women walking about. I never had a problem with it, could be because I've done it!!
  • women should have the right to do as they damn please.
  • I say this totally in an objective way and not as a male because i am basically a female within my soul and mind and heart! No! Not gay! Female yes! the answer would be yes! Why not? it again is where you are at! I went to the Spanish Riviera and 97% are topless and there is no males looking to rape or abuse women! It's an anglo thing I think, American so to speak! It's our backward thinking and our zealous twisted views of religion! It's a human body! Not a disease!
  • Well, where I live, women DO have the right to be topless. HOWEVER, I don't think I have seen one woman walking around topless outside. I guess it's not worth the attention?
  • Women shouldn't be topless in some situations, just like men shouldn't be. How would you like to see your 60 year old grandma topless at the dinner table? It's common sense.
  • Yeah...but women should be prepared for the amount of stares they would receive...especially teen and young adult males.
  • sure if they want to become a feast for the eyes of men in some of the not so nicest ways possible.
  • i have the right to do a lot of things but i don't necessarily desire to exercise all of my rights.
  • sure, but that would cause too much distraction. lol
  • Sure, topless and bottomless. :-)
  • Yeah, but why would they want too. I thought a true measure of a lady was to be more subdued and not wanting to be thought of as an object but an equal, and to stay dignified. Now if you wan't to take it off to do construction or mow, your lawn go-ahead, but you to express a point would seem not very feminate.
  • ! would agree.I'm from france, you see that all the time on the beach.
  • Definitely! Please! :-) But seriously, In Europe, where I live, toplessness isn't nearly as bit a things as in the US. You see lots of women - young and attractive as well as older and fatter - topless at public swimming places, sunbathing in parks, etc. The US, though happy to give firearms to anyone, seems pathologically afraid of tits. So much so your recent Attorney General, Ashcroft had a dress make for a stone statue of Justice! :-) +5
  • No. This is America where civilized people live. This is not some jungle in another part of the world. Besides, it would spoil the surprise of whats inside.
  • Yeah,don't they do inside the bedroom?
  • Yes - why not, men do? This is discrimination in its most basic form.
  • HELL YEAH!!! Anywhere.....anytime!!!!
  • Well I suppose they should, men can do it without it being considered indecent exposure. However there are places that you are not aloud to go topless even if you are a male (really any public gathering where there is no water), so that should stay the same, but at say the beach or a lake to could be expectable.
  • 2nd Answer. Again, no. Some men could not stand to see women bare-breasted. Their sex drive could not tolerate it. Rape and sex crimes would spiral. Keep the girls covered.
  • Sure they have the right to be topless. But would they want to? all of the constant hustle they would have to indure from all of those Horny males.
  • Hell yes! All single women should have the right to be topless!
  • I think that if men can take their shirts off when the weather is hot, then women should be able to as well. People say that women can't do this because their breasts are sexual, but a man with a well sculpted chest can be very arousing as well. And technically female breasts aren't sex organs; they're intended to nurse babies, not a male's sex drive. So while I don't see why women have to cover up when men don't, there will have to be many changes in the way men perceive women before this can happen. Even if women were suddenly allowed to go topless, I wouldn't take advantage of the privilege immediately because men would go ape sh*t until they learned to get a grip.
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. It should but that is the secret hypocrisy. No naked boobs because that invoke too many sexual thoughts. But at the same time you can use sexual innuendo to fuel most TV shows and movies, it is the under current of most songs in any persuasion, and to sell just about anything from gum, to eyeglasses. Even the emprint of nipple under the clothes is enough to give people the willies. Many women are smaller in size than a lot of fat men with moobs but because it is suppose to spurn lust, keep ot under wraps, forget about giving those women who don't care to be topless be topless.
  • I think there will be a time when women do go topless. Women are more sexy with something covered than totally naked. On a beach or in the yard, yes. At the office or restaurant, no and at the dinner table, no. The same rules apply to men. Be tactful. Woman's bodies, by the most part, are a work of God's art. They are beautiful. Most men have a body that gets them around and can get the job done.Don't most women need the support? It seems being topless all the time would really weigh on them.
  • Sure,if they want to be scrutinized all the time,more than they are already.

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