• I cannot fathom such a size. Try and see if you can get assistance otherwise you are outta luck.
  • Sasquatch-R-Us
  • I have a size 18 and struggled with finding boots that fit. I have few friends in the Industry and have found that if you get a 16 Boot and cut out the Liner to allow your big toe to "breathe" it works just fine. I did this and have had several seasons now with no problems. Hope the suggestion helps
  • The bigger problem will be finding a board that is wide enough that he doesn't drag his heels and toes through turns. There are spacers that lift the boots higher on the board, that will help some. Skiing might be a more practical option. The boots won't be easy to find but they do make them. In fact I have seen size 21 ski boots for sale at a ski swap. Best of luck!
  • My son is 15 6'6" and wears a size 18 shoe. For wrestling and football cleats I use and Zappos ships same day and Eastbay has a variety of shoes at very reasonable prises. If you search the internet using all types of combinations, you can what you need. Hope you find your shoes and sure wish you were our neighbor, we could of started a shoe swap.
  • High And Mighty would be the best place. Apparently the company is known as "London Majesty" in the USA.

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