• I don't know when it started or where it came from, but here's a funny "My Bad" story: 10 years ago, summer after my freshman year at college, I worked at the front desk of a hotel. We were really busy checking a large group in and things were really crazy. I went to hand this one gentleman his room key, tripped (b/c I'm clumsy) and accidently smacked him on the chin. I said "Oh, my bad. I'm so sorry!" Now, most people would be like, "oh, that's ok, accidents happen!" This guy, however, went POSTAL. He started screaming "MY BAD? MY BAD? ARE YOU MOCKING ME? WHY ARE YOU MOCKING ME?" He then proceeeded to start throwing things off the front desk and across the lobby. It was completely bizarre. It was like my saying "my bad" just clicked something in his head and he lost it.
  • People started to say it a lot once the movie "Clueless" came out in 1995. It's in the scene with Alicia Silverstone's character learning to drive: "Cher swerves - to avoid killing a person on a bicycle. Cher: Whoops, my bad." Haha, I think it sounds fine. ...I say it all the time. I was just never accustomed to saying "my mistake." It has always been "my bad."
  • I am not sure where it originated, but I remember first hearing it when I was in middle school. It was the new slang phrase back then and everybody said it. That was in 1991 in New Orleans. I do not hear it much now though.

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