• It doesn't make you as happy as an apple which leads to your psychological health which cannot be measured in terms of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • Maybe it's just that doctors are allergic to apples.
  • oo ~~~~~~~ perhaps u are right, but how about enjoying the process of chewing the apples??? having an apple , more funny and can keep one a good motion all day~~~~ so please do not value everything just by simple vitamin standards etc.
  • ... an onion and a garlic per day will keep everyone away ... LOL ... have a multivitamin and wash it down eith a glass of apple juice ...
  • Apples have fiber (pectin) which vitamins don't have. Fiber is important to keep you regular, and help with insulin and sugar levels if you suffer from diabetes. Plus it will make you feel fuller so you eat less. Also, some of the vitamins and nutrients found in apples are not in vitamins. Apples taste better too!
  • Multivitamins are great, but just keep in mind that they body can only absorb about 10% of the vitamins and minerals in pill form. You are best to get them from food sources as the body can more efficiently digest and use the nutrients than it can from a pill.
  • You need both (as long as the apple is not covered in deadly spray and as long as the vitamin is a food matrix vitamin which is the only way your body will absorb it properly). We are made to eat food not rocks!

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