• You should seek help. I'm not one to point out what normalcy is since everyone has their own opinion but really, cutting yourself isn't a good thing to do. It doesn't help you, you just BELIEVE it helps you. Find something else to focus that energy on.
  • I understand how hard it is for you and that cutting is your release valve and you need to be able to replace it with something else that works just as well for you. Here are a few sites which maybe able to give you some alternative ideas. Seriously think about getting some help with this though because you may go to far one day.
  • I'm no professional but im gonna say, err stop?
  • first of, why are you slitting? you've obviously got a mother who cares for you and a boyfriend who does want you hurt? theres many ways to get better, bleeding to death isnt one of them
  • You should find an alternative way to take out your agression instead self inflicted pain. Go buy a punching bag or something. Iv been in your position && it IS hard to stop && I still get urges, but trust me, you feel better taking it out other ways. Sweetheart cutting might seem like a good way to get over and forget, but when i look down at my arm everyday and see those scars, it is a constant reminder of what i went through
  • See a counselor,dear.
  • You say your mum is freaking out, but what has she actually said about this to you?
  • i emo and i was wondering the same till my bf made me go see a counceller!!
  • As a chronic cutter myself, first and foremost I'd have to agree with almost everyone else here in saying that you should try to quit, and probably get help of some kind. Having someone, be it a parent or a partner or friend or a counselor, around to remind you that they care whether or not you hurt yourself can be *Very* helpful. But the first step to quitting, is realising that you have a problem. If you're ever going to quit, you have to see how your cutting is a problem. In my own experience, the main reason why self-injury is a problem is because it hurts the people who care about you. With a little examination, you'll probably come to the same conclusion (ask yourself *Why* your mum and boyfriend are so upset by it). Self-injury is a hard habit to break, even when you're not seriously depressed, so I wish you the best of luck. Oh, and you might try this article for a better, more detailed explanation of how to handle quitting than the one I could offer:
  • The only way out is psychotherapy.
  • i think you should stop and get some help for your issues before you cut an artery by mistake

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