• This is a sensitive subject, so please check with authorities prior to creating a potential health hazard. If I were to attempt it, I would most definitely do the following: 1. Be sure to wear a high quality respirator. Im not talking those 99 cent dusk masks, go for one rated for hazardous dusts such as asbestos. It should have removable filters. Goggles are a must, not just safety glasses. 2. Use a high quality rotary tool with a metal cutting disc. I know that cast iron has a tendency to crack and break, so I would try cutting in an inconspicuous area first to determine how well it cuts. 3. To reduce the probability of airborne dust, constantly run water on the cutting wheel as your cutting it. This will also keep the metal cool as your cutting it, reducing the likelihood of it cracking. Once again, do some more research. I personally would try something like this but have many years of construction experience. I wouldn't suggest anyone try this unless they are familiar with cutting metals and dealing with potentially hazardous materials.
  • How did you get lead from cast iron? Cast iron's components do not include lead.

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