• Legally, at least in the US, if the photos were of minors he's in BIG trouble. If they were of an adult, I think that has a lot to do with how they were obtained (consent etc.)
  • You should only be in trouble if the pictures were of an underage person and sexually explicit. If they were nude pictures of an adult there should be no problem. If they went around busting everybody who looked at a picture of a nude person on line they would have to bust millions and millions of people. Really, who hasn't looked at nude people on the net?
  • First of all; he couldn't be arrested for JUST having nude female pictures ; so there has to be more to the story than that .... Maybe he had UNauthorized photos of naked women ; where they had not signed model releases or put the pics up themselves .... OR; possibly some of the models were underage .. which is definately against the law ..... No; he should not be "Persecuted" ; BUT maybe he should be PROSECUTED ....
  • If it was his own computer - Absolutely not!
  • Definitely, the issue is "consent". That's why magazines make you sign a release before they publish these type of photos.
  • Those "women" wouldn't have been women if they bothered confiscating it over that. They were probably children. I'd tell you a secret concerning child porn, but I don't want the perverts to know it... Let's just say... They will ALL be caught eventually. Ha ha! Git um CIA!
  • No. There is nothing illegal about looking at nude pictures. Yes, even nude pictures involving children are within the law as long as they aren't sexually exploitive or explicit in nature. (Example of this would be the pictures in your mom's scrapbook of you when you were a toddler running around the backyard naked with a hose. Nothing illegal about those pictures.)
  • can you imagine the governemnt or any other entity for that matter comming into your home and consicating your personal library and prosecuting you for the ones you have that are NOT approved by them and because YOU do not OWN the Copy Rights to that book you have purchased or aquired or were given or abtained even for free ??? ~Nemo~
  • Either's a bit sleazy

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