• It does seem rather far-fetched.
  • LMAO We all get our idiot trolls, dont pay any attention to them :)
  • sorry, I can't join you in your name calling scheme.
  • I have recently heard that I am now being accused of being THE TROLL. :) Isn't that special. Some people just need to get jobs.
  • MeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I can't believe this! It has been awful!! What idiots to think this!
  • It certainly seems like there must be a lot of tadpoles in the pond right now! Why anyone would even think that you would bother with a sock-puppet when you are perfectly capable of speaking for yourself is also beyond me!
  • I don't believe that for a second, but I also have to say that I'm rather disappointed in you for this uncharacteristic display of petty name calling. Let them come up with whatever theories they want to, it's not like it's actually hurting anyone. All that asking questions like this can do is give their ideas more publicity and possibly even make them seem more plausible by giving the impression that you're trying to defend yourself somehow.
  • LOL, congrats, Numbnuts!
  • You know Carmilla, no offence, as much fun as it's been being you, I'm glad I'm back, and hey look it could have been worse they could have thought I was JOEL! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHH I"M tired! good night to all my dear wonderful friends........Thank you!
  • People come to all sorts of conclusions. Apparently, apart from being me, I'm also somebody called AbbyGuy.
  • I have recently developed a filter which makes such things sound like Charlie Browns teacher when they reach my brain. It's quite wonderful. "whaaaa,whaa whaaaa whaah whaaaaah, whahh whaaaaah." Want one?
  • Well Carmella, now you're in the "Cool Kids Club"! Hehehe See, people are so bored with their lives, they've decided that they have to butt into yours! Congrats, this is a wonderous achievement! (People are idiots, there is no doubt. :)) BTW, good to see you- we haven't had much talk lately. Hope all is well!
  • Sheer self indulgence on a grand scale
  • Hmm, congratulating a moron? What's happening here with all these paranoid fools accusing so many ABers as being or having sock puppets? Ludicrous and amusing, yes. I hope you enjoy the images;-)
  • All I can say is: 'fess up, Carmella! Sooner or later you will be caught ;D

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