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  • If the problem occurs when you run into him, don't run into him. Schedule visits between him and his child. He obviously is over your relationship, sorry. You need to move on as well. Even if he were to come back, it wouldn't be for long, just long enough to knock up someone else.
  • I'm going thru the same thing right now, sweetie, I know it hurts. Heres a few things that may help you move on: 1.Take Care of Yourself! get ur hair did, nails and tatted up if you want to. 2.Be independent! Work ur tail off and make that money! 3.Be silent and mysterious. Don't blow up his phone, let him blow up yours.
  • Thanks for that advice ( anoonymous... ) will take it.. sounds pretty good to me.., keep my mind somewhere else.. hey is time to bring sexy back.. hahah
  • I been going through the same thing...I am 6 months pregnant, and recently my baby's father broke the news to me that he is seeing someone else...he basically rubbed it in my face (Perfect Timing Right)..well anyway..our relationship haven't been perfect, but I would never thought that he would leave me just like that, especially being the time that I need him the most...and to tell you the truth, right now, I basically try to block it out of my head and try to figure out ways to move on..the only mistake that I made is showing him how much love I have for him..and constantly forgiving him for additional issues that he has brought in my DON'T RUN AFTER HIM..IT IS WHAT IT IS...LET HIM PROVE TO YOU INSTEAD OF YOU SHOWING SO MUCH EMOTION TOWARDS HIM.
  • The best way to deal with her is at a long arms distance for right now. What ever cause the breakdown in your relationship with your childs father, had NOTHING to do with her. Between now and the time that your child is 2yrs old, your ex may go thru several different women so there is not need for you to get involved with any of them. Now if by chance your ex tells you that the realtionship that he has with his current girlfriend is moving in a serious direction, it is at that time that you will need to WOMAN-UP and have dialogue with her. Lets face it, if he were to marry his girlfriend, by law, she now becomes your child's step-mother. It would be in the best interest of the child, that you and her have a healthy relationship. If your child is spending quality time with its father, it is only natural that his wife (girlfriend) will be around as well. It would be better to have her respectful to your wishes and working with you then it would be to work against you.

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