• I would not trust anything from the National Guard to be anything but a recruiting ploy. Don't give them any contact information and you will not have any problems.
  • Okay. First of all don't listen to what wide awake pheonix said because not everything is a recruiting ploy. and if they have your adress you gave it to them. I didn't start getting stuff from ANG until i gave them my adress. Second no you wont be obligated to do anything it says on the paper with your redemption code on it "You incur no obligation by responding to this offer." and "For assistance in redeeming the movie ticket offer please call 1800GOGUARD. By calling you will not reache a recruiter directly but you may ask to be connected to your local recruiter."
  • I got that letter too, and I did not give them any information about myself beforehand. Toss the offer, it is just a recruitment ploy. Think about it; of course it's going to have strings attached. They may not be apparent, but they will be once you try to redeem the tickets.
  • I threw away my code, want to redeem tickets but need code. Anyone out there who can help me?
  • yea i got those too. but can i plz know EXACTLY how to redeem those tickets? cuz i hav been trying for weeks, but i cant find any place in the website that allows me to put in my redemption code ...

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