• I'd split it. If $91,000 isn't enough for each of them then they deserve what they will get...lawyers.
  • The owner of the house. If she didn't know it was there, the contractor shouldn't have said anything.
  • The contractor - he found it. It obviously wasn't the owners, because she would have known about it.
  • 1st rule: When you find a large sum of money and nobody is around, keep your big mouth shut.
  • If the lady who owns the house hadn't hired the Contractor to do some renovation, the money would not have surfaced. It's her property..just as if someone found an oil well on her property by digging a big hole for whatever wouldn't expect the proceeds from the sale of the oil to go to the person who "discovered" it..the contractor is being greedy, of course..if he can bulldoze some idiot judge/jury into thinking he is "owed" something, then I guess he'll "win". But it wouldn't fair, just or right in my opinion! :(
  • Well since the contractor didn't keep his trap shut, he's going to have to give it to charity. If he keeps it, she'll contest it, the lawyer's will get involved, nothing will be left - a big fat zero all round. If he says he'll give it away, no-one can argue with that unless they want to look like mean b*ggers at this time of year... :) Stupid, loud-mouthed SOB...
  • I think the money is quite obviously the property of the house owner. However, she would be a remarkably tight-fisted individual if she didn't give him a substantial part of it. After all she would never have known that she had it but for him, although he would never have got the chance to find it if she hadn't employed him.
  • If the contractor found the money under the homeowners bed (and it was put there by the homeowner), would he be able to keep it? If yo own the property you own everything that is there.
  • When the Corleone Family's "concelliere" comes around and makes them both an "offer they can't refuse", it won't belong to either of them. It had been stashed in an "emergency situation" some years before. But never forgotten.
  • The lady's. But this could be debated for a long time.
  • It belongs to the owner of the house, but she should definitely give him a huge "tip" for finding it for her, or she'd never have it -- I'd say at least 25% of it should go to the contractor.
  • I think they should split it...however it is the woman's home...
  • Well, it's her property. It was his labor that unearthed the money - she should get the bulk of it, but he deserves some kind of a percentage.
  • It's the woman's money, since the contractor was only doing contracting work at the home and that he did not own the house. It is legally the woman's money, not the contractors. Sorry sir.
  • Many states have "treasure trove" laws that cover this situation. It shouldn't cost a fortune to find out what they are.
  • If they were smart, they wouldda split it up with the caveat that neither one of them tells the gov't about it. Why draw attention to yourselves by making a stink? It's free money.
  • It was found on her's hers. What if he had found the $200 in her drawer..would he be able to claim that because he had to move the bureau?
  • The rightful owner of the money is the family of the man who put it there. If none come forward or are found, then the woman who owns the home is entitled to keep all of it. Since she already offered 10% to the contractor, and he wants to be greedy, He deserves NOTHING. Goes to show that some friends are not thankful for what is offered, he obviously did NOT value that friendship.

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