• It may be. Although, in this day anda age with lots of layoffs happening, I don't think employers automatically assume if you have a gap in your resume, it indicates a problem. Not like it used to.
  • because we are creatures of habit.
  • Yes, a gap in employment is a huge red flag. I had trouble after 4 months and ended up taking a job that didn't pay nearly as much as I was used to.
  • probably, i have an even bigger gap and i cant get work either
  • Very likely. There is the old saying it's easier to get a job if you already have a job. The thought in the back of a prospective employer's mind is if nobody else wants you why would i want you. Do volunteer work you can put it on a resume..
  • it might, i cant get a job either
  • You will need to explain the gap in employment dates.
  • What was your employment history like before the 8 months you asked about? Employers don't like to hire anyone with job instability. If you bounce from job to job staying at each a couple of months or so it sends a red flag to the prospective employer that maybe you won't last at that job, either. On the other hand, if the pandemic had anything to do with it, he might be overwhelmed with applications. If no other factors are involved, then yes, a gap in your employment history would be concerning to a prospective employer.

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