• You could use Google Drive if your music is online. Else just plug your phone into your computer using a micro USB to USB cable. Open Windows Explorer and drag and drop your music into the phone's card.
  • What I do is email them to the phone. But you have to know your email address to your phone. I can send text messages to my computer via email and I also have Gmail on my phone and tablet. Then again you can use the SD card.
  • If your phone is android based, a program called Android-Sync will do this and more. It will save all your contacts and calendar to Outlook. I prefer to handle my own data offline and this does it. The phone can be accessed like an external memory source where you can drag and drop music, pictures either direction.
  • My phone is an Android. My tablet is too got them the same time. But my tablet fell on the floor and the glass front shattered and made it so unusable. I found one just like it and ordered it because it was about the same price as replacing the glass. I also have my own wifi.
  • Using USB cable you can transfer music from PC to your mobile phone..

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