• It depends where the trash is. If the trash is on your property, but near the street where it can be picked up, it is abandoned and cannot be stolen. However, entering your property is illegal, but not criminal in this case.
  • once you drag that can to the street it's fair game for anyone...
  • If they come onto your property it's called trespassing and it is illegal.
  • Entering your property is not trespassing unless they have been told to not come by you. The law prevents anyone from trespassing upon the premises of another after having been forbidden to do so. However, most people do NOT have signs posted around there property saying so. And even then the signs are not always an effective means of proving criminal trespass. But looking through your garbage is illegal. It is your property. Even if it is out on the curb still on your property, it is theft. But if it's on city property it's anybodies.
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      Incorrect, galeanda. Trash on the curb is fair game to anyone, in every state.
  • it might be

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