• Health study here:
  • No. Fasting is the opposite of balanced. I'd want to see more than just one population study before I encourage children to stop eating for a day.
  • Fasting makes you fat. Your body goes into storage mode if you don't eat for a period of longer then 4-5 hours and lowers your metabolism and starts converting food into fat. This is why the 2/3 meals a day culture of America is not helping us get any thinner. Part of my plan to lose weight and get into shape over the summer involved eating 5-6 small meals a day every few hours. It keeps your metabolism going and you burn more calories. It worked.
  • According to the books that were recommended to me on Cspan II, that might help.
  • It's going to take more than one study to convince me that fasting children is a good idea.
  • Absolutely not! Education about balanced diets should encourage regular exercise as well as teach kids how to eat healthy all the time. I think children should also learn about the adverse health effects of obesity, such as high blood pressure, and Type II Diabetes.
  • I don't understand your reasoning to have a child fast once a month. A child needs a proper diet...not fasting.
  • Fasting is a religious practice not a part of nutrition studies
  • I think more health information should be taught, both the pros and the cons. Fasting for one day per month has some good and some bad aspects to it. I for one, fast one day per month with no food, no water, and no sleep ... but I understand the Tao-Zen Buddhist Breatharian methods of deep breathing and long hours of deep meditation, this is something most children would not comprehend as it takes many years of training and practice.
  • more useful would be a ban on fast food for those under 18.
  • 1-17-2017 You really should learn the subject before you try to teach it.
  • Maybe older children - and I am thinking once a week would be better. For adults definitely. But difficult sometimes to do.

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