• Office of Family and Children...according to
  • You are NOT dumb, I didn't know what it meant either until I read the answers
  • OFC in general internet chat terminology means "of course"
  • Something I don't tolerate. It is an act of lying and deception.
  • Being nice to everybody and not being mean to anyone. When you make the person in front feel very important and loved,you are doing it because you are dispassionate spiritualist but for others it means cheating!It may happen to those worldly types but it does not mean anything to a spiritual person.
  • It is something really bad that no one should do. It can hurt a person really severe and they could never recover. Cheaters are always cheaters.
  • Simply, breaking agreed-upon rules of conduct, whether in a classroom, an office, a board game or a marriage.
  • Some folks in the sex and relationship advice field think its okay to go off and look at porn, or flirt with someone, or think about what having an affair with someone would be like when you're in a relationship. That its not cheating. I don't think its okay. If you're in a relationship, then you're in it and should take care of it and focus solely on your partner. If the person you're with isn't "enough" for you, then you shouldn't be sticking around but getting your fix somewhere else. Find someone who is enough, and let the person you're with do the same. This is the standard to which my man and I hold ourselves. Pornography Fantasy involving other people Checking out other people Flirting with another person Thinking about a sexual or an emotional affair with another person Kissing someone else Touching someone else in a sexual manner Having sexual feelings/thoughts about another Sex with another Might sound a bit strict, but to be honest, its not that hard to be monogamous with the right person.
  • Well I think everyone has their own definition of cheating! Mine is touching another in a sexual way, sexual acts of any kind and kissing. Sexual/emotional feelings towards another would also be the end of a relationship for me. Although I wouldn't be happy about flirting, or my bf hanging around a lot with a girl I didnt know was just a friend either. I wouldnt call the latter cheating but it would be grounds for a long talk. Well thats my 2 cents :)
  • I think the term "cheating" should be reserved for acts with definite emotional consequences. For example, when I was married, there were many times when I "checked out" other women ("Wow! She's rather attractive"....), then within 10 seconds moved on and never thought about said attractive woman again. I don't think that should be construed as cheating, because it had no consequence for my existing relationship. Similarly, I occasionally engaged in mild flirting with female friends/acquaintances with NO intention of actually following through. It was mainly done for humor value. Again, it had no consequence to my ongoing relationship. OTOH, other people may have a stricter definition of what constitutes 'cheating'....;-D... . . .
  • My analysis of 'cheating' is like this. First the person is looking for greener pastures. Taking a look at better prospects in newer opportunities. The person does not want the other person in his present commitment to know what he is doing. Next if the pastures are found satisfactory and as per expectations the persons settles downs in the new pastures and starts grazing. Then the person cuts off all connection to the previous commitments. Shortly thereafter the previous commitment is dumped. This is known as 'cheating' in common parlance. Infact to the person doing the cheating it is exhibiting the opportunistic behavior that characterizes animals. I personally disapprove of dumping of a long standing relationship in favor of better opportunities which amounts to cheating.

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