• Only you can truthfully answer that question.
  • Yes!, Yes!, and Yes!, I joined the Army at the age of 17 and if I so choose could have retired at the age of 37. A guaranteed pension for life combined with the ability to look in the mirror every morning and know I was part of sustaining our (American) way of life makes me proud. 23 years and going strong, Army Strong!
  • Joining the army is a serious decision. If you were join you would be making a huge sacrifice but with the sacrifice comes rewards. Including free education, being a hero, learning values and finding your true strength. Joining is an awesome option for many people but its all up to you.
  • It is not an option I would choose for myself.I detest war,occupation,and be under such tight regulations.I am a free thinker and want to be able to express my views,a personal views are looked down upon in the military.I would never consider killing another man so that would not be appropriate.I would constantly questioning my superiors which is also a no no.
  • I think so. I joined to be a 68WM6 aka Licensed Practical Nurse. I'm an LPN at age 20. I worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and got the best medical training out there. I'm in the reserve so I can work as a civilian LPN and make decent money, while going to college to get my degree that the Army is paying for. Sure I will get deployed, but I am happy to be able to help my fellow soldiers!!
  • Worth The army means different things for different people. Do you want to know if the money is worth it? Is the feeling of pride worth it? And worth what? The chance of death? Very few people I've met would say it wasn't worth being a soldier.
  • Yes it is, I am in the Canadian Military, I joined at the age of 16 (in reserves) I am going full time next year. You can get better pay some where else, but you will never get what you will get out of the military. You may die on duty but also you may die driving to your office job.
  • Depends on what you want out of it. If you want to be a warrior, enlist in the Marine Corps.
  • It certainly can be. A lot of young people are really not ready to begin a career or know what they want to pursue after high school. The military is a great opportunity to get fit, learn serious discipline, and learn to work with other people. After the military a HUGE benefit is the money that the government will pay for collage. Also being a couple years older and with greater disciplineis is VERY helpful in being successful in college.

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